Heia Safari Re-enactment Society

This page lists and show the basic requirements required by people who wish to join the group. If you click on the item, it will bring an enlarged image of the item in questions. We will add direct links to some items as time goes by for particular items which certain vendors sell which are of top quality.

Infantry man front Infantry man rear

Below are the list of individual items required:

Tropical M40 Tunic

M40 Tunic

Tropical Undershirt

Tropical Shirt

Tropical Shorts

Tropical shorts

Tropical M40 Trousers

Tropical M40 Trousers

Tropical issue canvas Kradmantel


Tropical pattern greatcoat

Tropical Greatcoat

Standard Issue Heer Vest

Heer Vest

Tropical Boots

Ankle boots

Ankle boots

Boots 2

Tropical Socks

Tropical Socks



Headwear: Afrika Korps Pith Helmet, M41 Cap, Sidecap, Various German Helmets, M35, M40,

Tropical Headwear

Tropical Belt

Tropical Bayonet:belt

Tropical Bayonet Frog and K98 Bayonet

Tropical Bayonet:belt

Mess Tin

Mess tin

Tropical Water Bottle

Tropical Water Battle

Tropical Y Straps

Tropical y-straps

K98 Pouches and Gas Mask Tin

K98 pouches,Gas,

Shovel and Tropical Shovel Cover

Shovel Shovel cover

Tropical Bread bag

Tropical Breadbag

The Standard issue weapon is the German K98k. Issued to all infantry men of the Wehrmacht.

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